Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mystical Nebula Eyes Dupe

I came across this site accidentally, and when I saw this look, I fell in love. She does it amazingly and I thought I would give it a go.
I got a ton of compliments and question about this look at the store, lol.
It's not really an exact dupe of this look but definitely inspired by.
here's the inspiration:
here's my version:

Maybelline Fit Me 210
Hard Candy hula hula bronzer
Milani the multitasker power, light medium
ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
Evil Shades Spectrum Pots, photonic green, gamut blue, visible violet
88 matte palette
Milani infinte liquid liner (waterline)
Maybelline the flasies flared
Milani light brow powder
criss cross lashes from ebay
Rimmel lip liner, east end snob
MAC cremesheen glass, partial to pink


  1. *picks it and takes a bite* (10 second rule and I haven't had a Big Mac in forever)

  2. i had one yesterday because we had a septic disaster and i didn't have time to cook (yea..TMI, lol) but i have lost 2 sizes! So i rarely eat them anymore. So good to see you again :D

  3. That's awesome (the losing weight, not the septic thing)!
    We recently cut out all fast food, my husband has lost 44 pounds in the last 6 months and I've lost 12 so it's definitely a good thing I haven't had a big mac in awhile.

  4. Ahhhh I need to try this look! Amazing babe!

  5. I saw the original version of this look and I think you've done a great job! It's such a gorgeous, colourful look.

  6. gorgeous did a great job of blending them together!

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