Sunday, September 4, 2011

More bad phone pics...

With the recent changes in my life I've had a bit more free time than usual so I thought I might post a FOTD. Sorry about the camera phone pics, I know they are awful but I thought you could at least see the colors pretty good even if the details aren't there...

Maybelline Fit Me foundation, 210
Milani mulitasker face powder, light medium
Hard Candy pin up blush
Evil Shades color eye base, pink prism
Fyrinnae sugar skulls, dark magic, marshmallow puffs
Physician's Formula gel liner, black
Maybelline the Falsies flared
Milani light brow kit
Lorac Vivid 3d gloss


  1. looks gorgeous. i've been so lazy w/eyeshadow any more!! just 1-2 basic looks (with glitter of course!!) your skin looks AWESOME.

  2. my skin looks awesome cuz it's camera phone crap lol. But thanks! I've been pretty lazy but with my free time I've gotten back into applying makeup again.
    Glitter makes everything better, even simple looks ;)

  3. "Glitter makes everything better, even simple looks" You`re right,it really does make a difference!I love glitter!

    You look great and the make-up is wonderful!
    You are so pretty!

  4. Omg I love this! btw where did you use the marshmallow puffs for? Highlighting the inner corner and under the brows?

  5. Thanks y'all!
    Azzy, yep it is on the inner corner and lightly on the brow bone :)