Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riley Keough smokey brown look

I tried to dupe this Riley Keough look (LisaMarie Presley's daughter)

but I didn't really have the right colors and it didn't turn out as dark as hers...oh well

trying to copy the pose...hard to do yourself

Revlon Color Stay Sand Beige
ELF Cool Bronzer
Hard Candy Hula Hula bronzer
MAC Pearl Cream Color Base
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Victoria's Secret Lose Control eyeshadow
Everyday Minerals Black liner powder
Milani liquifeye black pencil
Revlon Grow Luscious mascara
Maybelline blonde brow pencil
MAC Pearl Cream Color Base
Sonia Kashuk full glam lashes (let's hope they don't give me a reaction this time)
Rimmel Eastend Snob lipliner
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evil Shades cosmetics!

I recently tweeted about wanting a baby pink blush with a blue sheen and Andrea, the owner of Evil Shades cosmetics, offered to whip one up for me. I was happily surprised when I received the package because not only had she sent my beautiful blush called Gossamer:

she also included several other goodies from her little shop:

Thank you Andrea!
Eyeshadow swatches (swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance with a strip of Pixie Epoxy):

Also here are few closeups of the blush and a lipswatch ( tastefully free of peachfuzz and pores lol)

I haven't worn false lashes in awhile...

unfortunately it seems I have developed a sensitivity to either the glue I used (DUO lash adhesive)or Sonia Kashuk lashes. I used the Sonia Kashuk lashes for the first time yesterday and this morning I awoke to extremely puffy eyes, I could barely open them. So here is the ill-fated look and if anyone has any insight about what went wrong, feel free to let me know.

Fyrinnae Velvet Gel primer
Revlon Color Stay in Sand Beige
Fyrinnae Charm blush
Sugar baked blush in Cupcake (highlight)
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Love Potion, Sequined Master, Wicked, Japan
MAC Blanc Type
Sephora w/p automatic liner in black
Fresh Supernova mascara
Maybelline blonde brow pencil
Sonia Kashuk full glam false lashes
Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Peach Petal

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lashes Lashes Lashes!

I have this pair of lovely lashes I received from a wonderful lady that I have nearly worn to the point of disintegration, problem is, these lashes are no longer carried by Coastal Scents and any approximate dupes of this exact lash are very costly.
I have been searching for a pair of lashes that have the same type of fluttery, tapered-ness that my Minkeyes lashes have. Mostly my search had been largely disappointing but I was browsing Target's cosmetics section and came across a set of Full Glam lashes by Sonia Kashuk and while they are slightly fuller and a little less fluttery, I think they are pretty close.

The top pair is the $4.99 set from Sonia Kashuk, the bottom pair is the $$$ pair that was purchased at Coastal Scents and then gifted to me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kristen Stewart Inspired!

Yes, I'm a fan...sorry :) I loved her look at the Eclipse screening and since I am pretty sure that I colors close enough to do the look justice I decided to go for it.
Here's her look:

And here is my version:

Makeup Forever F&B #32
Hard Candy baked bronzer, Hula Hula
Fyrinnae Center Stage highlighter

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Heritage Rouge and Dark Soul pigments
88 matte palette
Stila onyx kajal
Fresh Supernova mascara
Maybelline blonde brow pencil

MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass

Monday, July 5, 2010

MAC Cremesheen Glass vs NYX and Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss

Cremesheen glasses are revered in the MAC community for their soft and creamy, non-sticky application. Having just purchased Partial to Pink Cremesheen I thought I would put it to the test and compare it with two well loved drugstore brands, NYX and Revlon.
The contenders are NYX lipgloss with Megashine in Beige (a very NON beige cool milky pink) and Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop (a fluorescent blue pink).

And swatches just for fun :)

After careful consideration I have decided that NYX and Revlon (at least the non-shimmery ones) can both hold their own next to the MAC Cremesheens.
The NYX gloss is just slightly less sticky than Partial to Pink and the Revlon gloss is just slightly more sticky than it's competitor. The feeling is nearly the same; that lovely, gel-like smoothness and the lasting power is also nearly identical.

If you have these glosses maybe you could let me know your thoughts as well :)