Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lashes Lashes Lashes!

I have this pair of lovely lashes I received from a wonderful lady that I have nearly worn to the point of disintegration, problem is, these lashes are no longer carried by Coastal Scents and any approximate dupes of this exact lash are very costly.
I have been searching for a pair of lashes that have the same type of fluttery, tapered-ness that my Minkeyes lashes have. Mostly my search had been largely disappointing but I was browsing Target's cosmetics section and came across a set of Full Glam lashes by Sonia Kashuk and while they are slightly fuller and a little less fluttery, I think they are pretty close.

The top pair is the $4.99 set from Sonia Kashuk, the bottom pair is the $$$ pair that was purchased at Coastal Scents and then gifted to me!

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