Monday, May 7, 2012

New Fyrinnae!

I haven't ordered from Fyrinnae in such a long time, I thought I'd wander that way and get something sparkly. How happy was I to see new colors!!!
I haven't been in makeup world as of late and I had no idea they'd put new colors out.
So here's a few swatches of my new goodies. I hope to post a look with these soon!
Comparison of Danse Macabre and Bitey Tyrannosaur (I love love love the dinosaur names!)


  1. Bitey Tyrannosaur! Lol I think I need that.

  2. LOOK, PLEASE!! :D you need to get a pair of those Ardell DOUBLE lashes! and i need to send you that Milani blush!

  3. Susie, I was just looking at those lashes the other day, they look hot!

    1. ikr?!! i think i will try a pair, the one's that look the least intimidating (they look graduated like longer on the outside) as falsies tend to look REALLLY long on me, i must have small eyes or something. i got the Revlon glue which i really like however i don't like how glue sticks to my lids/lashes after i pull the lashes off, dunno what to do about that. anyway i'll get your Milani off to you next week. i still don't think anything holds a candle to Fyrinnae Enchant over a bronzer--seriously!!! i miss you! xo

    2. Oh I love the revlon glue but it definitely sticks in my lashes too. Baby oil seems to get rid of it pretty easy for me...I dunno if that is good for your eyes though :)
      No, nothing is better than Enchant and bronzer for the summer, it's still my most cherished blush!
      I miss you too!!!