Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Very Merry Un-Valentine's Day to you

Yeah, so don't really get into Valentine's Day. When you're single, it's the day you feel like shit because you are single and when you're with someone, you feel like shit because you didn't get/couldn't the right gift.
I say appreciate the people you love all year round; you never know when tomorrow may not come!

Alima Neutral 03
Hard Candy Pin Up baked blush
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Winter Again, Looking Glass, La Noche, Karasu
LORAC Au Naturale
Rimmel kohl pencil in black
Maybelline the falsies black drama
Smashbox brow powder
Fyrinnae lip lustres Very Berry Happy, Romantique


  1. Your eyes look so sexy in blue!

  2. Aww gorgeous!
    I'm single but I don't feel like shit today since I agree with your theory, appreciation should be shown all year long! This is mostly commercial nowadays.

  3. Now I need to make my third Fyrinnae order for sure - looking glass, la noche and karasu on my wishlist! I already adore winter again x

  4. If you're single and don't wanna be, I'm sorry. Your talent with your products is amazing!

  5. aww thank you! I am actually married and happy about it, just not that into V-day.