Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Evocation

I have had this color in my stash for quite a while. I've always liked it but it never jumped out at me like it did today. I usually wear it on the lid with a darker taupe in the crease but today I decided to wear it all alone.
Verdict: I am in love with this color. It has so much dimension and yet it's not a loud and obnoxious color.

It is from Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic line which means it has a color shift depending on your location to the light. This particular color is a soft taupe that has a soft blue and soft rose shift. On my lids, it's a medium taupe color with a silvery purple sheen but others can see the color shift readily.

So, if you don't have need it :D


  1. You are right: I DO need this!! I only wish it could look as beautiful on me as it is on you.

  2. Get it! I bet it would be lovely on you!

  3. I've only worn it a few times but I loooove Evocation!

  4. From now in I am always checking your swatches before I buy Fyrinnae :) I love this one for a simple but pretty look like you did here. It's a 'I can't be bothered but I have to put something on' shadow, for me. Looks great on you.

  5. Thank you!Evocation is still one of my faves!