Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Fyrinnae Again! Updated with color descriptions!

Here's a couple new sparklies from Fyrinnae, in their zebra striped tissue packed goodness! Also, two new blushes, Charm and Bewitching. I am in love with their Glow Blush.

(oops I tagged Charm blush wrong, sorry y'all)

I guess it would be nice if I told you a bit about what they look like...
(the first three shadows also have the color changing attributes)
Glitterboi: shattered sapphires
Electric Stardust: seafoam green with spring green shimmers
Pyromantic Erotica: polar bear (another Fyrinnae color) on crack
Herbivore: heather-ed purple with a greenish gold shimmer
Charm: baby pink, matte in appearance with a glow that resonates
Bewitched: deep lilac mauve glow, slight shimmer


  1. I just got Electric Stardust in the mail a few days ago, too! It's a cute color. I think I may have to get Herbivore in my next order based on your swatch! I heart Cupcake Sprinkles, but I like that Herbivore looks more purpley and less periwinkley than CS does.

    Oh, and you're tempting me with Charm, too. How matte is it in person?

  2. Love the swatches! I love Fyrinnae colors :)

  3. findaghost, Herbivore is so pretty! And Charm has this glow but it doesn't have any visible sparklies.